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Education ought to aim at grafting the faith in divinity in every human heart.  It must prepare us to suffer for others. It must persuade us to tranquil in the moments of mundane turmoil.  It must inject the philosophy of fearlessness in every heart.  On the righteous track of life, man must be coaxed by education. In the present-day-life-style with its action-packed and fast moving scenario, one has to plan, set goals and persevere with certain aims and objectives to clinch success.  In order to strive towards excellence in all fields, we have been looking forward to establish ourselves as ‘ the best and unbeaten’


We, as Vedic Scholars, always believe in quality, not quantity.  To impart quality education to the students along with inculcation of the habit of performing Yajnas & Prayers, we lay stress on religious education.  To create a fit and strong, healthy and agile being, we conduct regular YOGA classes and Physical training.  Good and healthy habits, manners, attitudes, moral values are the basic factors that include their lessons and training which help them to shape their personality and character.  Most of the students come from the nearby remote villages and from middle or lower middle class families, where the parents are not as much literate as they ought to be to understand the scope of English education and where the parents are not as much capable to guide their wards properly at home, the children’s performance is mostly dependent on the education they receive at the school.  Our children do not have an opportunity to avail the benefit of getting extensive coaching for any Professional Course/ Competitive Examinations, yet we are committed to our mission.


Mr. S. K. Srivastava


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